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AgoraCart Integration Service Quote
First, we will need some info about your site so that we can adequately quote the AgoraCart Integration with your site.

Services may be refused based on site content, server setup, or workload.

Base AgoraCart Integration Services is $300.00 for up to 100 products (see our terms of service for conditions on "up to 100 products" statement).
Above 100 products, the base price goes up $1.00 per product.
Client is responsible for all product images. Manipulation of product images for thumbnails, regular & larger images will be charged at our basic hourly rate. Extensive and complicated option files will, also, be extra.

Do you need your domain name registered?
NO, I already have a domain name.
YES, I need to register a Domain Name.
If you need to register for a domain name, you can register them through us, CLICK HERE

Do you need web hosting?
NO, I already have a web hosting account.
YES, I need you to set up a web hosting account.
If you need web hosting, you can sign up for web hosting through us, CLICK HERE

If you already have web hosting...
What is Your Current Website URL:

Do you need to have a website designed?:
YES, I need you to design our site.
NO, I already have a website design.

How many products will you have in your store:

Do your products have options? IE: colors, sizes, etc.
YES     NO

Will more than 1 person need separate log-in access to the manager?: What is this?
YES     NO

Will you need online order status/tracking for customer?(Only available with v4.x store): What is this?
YES     NO

Will you need us to maintain the website for you?:
YES     NO

What payments will you be accepting?:
Credit Cards   Virtual Checks   PayPal
Mail-in Payments (IE: Money Order, Checks)  

Which shipping methods do you use?:
USPS   UPS   International

How is your shipping calculated?:
Based on Weight   Flat Rate Shipping   Other (please explain in comments box below)

Please explain any other information that we may need to know that you need in your site:

Click the "Add to Cart" button to record your responses for the quote.
Once your quote request is received, we will review the information
and get back to you with a quote for our services.



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