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These sites employ the use of AgoraCart. These are "live" stores.
Please do not make a purchase unless you really want the product.
No "dummy" orders on these sites, please.

All of these sites have been customize in one way or another to incorporate custom web design, custom product layout, etc...

Scottcrew Candle Supply

  >> This is our main store. It employs the use of the AgoraCart shopping cart engine and has been heavily modified. Uses multiple headers, international shipping, PayPal, etc..

Loaded Boards

  >> Loaded Boards is an extreme skateboarding site. They have an awesome selection of boards that they make. Well respected in the skateboarding community. This site employs the use of Flash graphics and AgoraCart. There is a heavy use of CSS in this site, as well. Includes international shipping and PayPal hacks for AgoraCart.
We are also the webmaster for this site.

FlossAid Corporation

  >> The makers of BridgeAid Dental Floss Threaders...
This site has 2 stores, one for consumers another for dentists. This site also has discounting for orders over a certain dollar amount. We tweaked the original design to give it a cleaner, more professional look.
We are also the webmaster for this site.

Little Bouquet

  >> Little Bouquet offers a wide variety of products. These include Magnifying Make-up Eye Glasses, Collectibles, Rare and Vintage Books and Cookbooks, Community Cookbooks, Chinese Cookbooks, Ethnic Cookbooks, History, Poetry, Religion, Videos, Aviation, Biography, Movies, Movie Stars, Bears, Dolls, Business, Collector Plates, International, Gardening, French Cookbooks, European Cookbooks, Holiday Decorating and Cookbooks, Craft Books, Fiction and Non-Fiction Books of all kinds.
This site utilizes AgoraCart's new Version 5.
This site boasts an original Scottcrew Web Services web design.

P & D Creations

  >> Apparel, Wildlife Art, Photo Frames, Photo Prints, Custom Canvas, Prints, etc...
We are also the webmaster for this site.

Landitude, Inc

  >> Mapping Solutions for Progressive Resource Management
We set up 2 stores for Landitude, Inc. One store handles the sales of software and literature. The other store is for current clients to pay for their consulting services invoices or quotes.

One Colour

  >> One Colour is a Brisbane based on-line business committed to building innovative and ethical partnerships with overseas producers, whilst providing the customer with a distinctive range of justly produced clothes from Africa and Australia, accessories and gifts from South Africa, Peru, India, Bangladesh and Thailand and coffee from around the globe.


  >> Beads @ Bijoux is a spacious, creative haven for bead lovers and jewellery designers alike. This store utilizes AgoraCart's new version 5.

Wellness Solutions

  >> Wellness Solutions offers its clients more than eighteen years of experience in health promotion, fitness, and ergonomics.
This store utilizes AgoraCart's new version 5.

Pacific Resources

  >> Discount chemicals for experimental rocketry or hobby chemistry needs.
Web design and integration by Scottcrew Web Services.


  >> AutismMAPS serves people identified with Asperger Syndrome, Autism and PDD as well as their families, friends and schools. Web design integration and product layout by Scottcrew Web Services.

Laney Cheese Store

  >> A taste of Wisconsin heavenly cheeses... and more!
We incorporated the Laney Cheese website design into AgoraCart. This store uses the subcategories feature in both a vertical and horizontal layout.
Laney Cheese Store is hosted by Scottcrew Hosting.

Behrenberg Glass Co.

  >> Behrenberg Glass provides unique glass concepts for fine dining, lighting, and decorating.
Scottcrew Web Services redesigned and organized this site's content to have a consistent look throughout the site and store. The store employs the use of subcategories in a horizontal layout. We have, also, implemented a "Click to Enlarge" feature for the images in the store.

World Goods

  >> Fair trade products are sweatshop and child labor free, and many of the products are made with recycled content or organic material.


  >> The helmet camera is a high tech, mini waterproof, color camera that mounts to your helmet, bike, etc., and records both audio and video on your camcorder worn in a fannypack.
Web design integration and custom product layouts based on product category by Scottcrew Web Services.

Tideline Clocks

  >> A clock that shows the high tide and low tide.

Ups and Downs Rentals

  >> This site's store is powered by AgoraCart. Sub-categories is a feature that is employed by the store to help with product organization.

Peachtree Accounting Help

  >> A site to help support users of Peachtree bookkeeping and accounting products.
We integrated the current web design into AgoraCart for a seamless shopping experience for their customers.
We are also the webmaster for this site.

Nantucket Hydrangea

  >> Hundreds of Hydrangeas from Around the World!
Powered by AgoraCart and product layout design ONLY by Scottcrew Web Services, web design was not by Scottcrew Web Services.
This site employs various advanced features of AgoraCart in a "low-key" manner. Advanced features set up by Scottcrew Web Services.

Custom Rawhide Horse Products

  >> Steve Guitron Custom Braided Horse Products.
This site also employs AgoraCart. This store uses a combination of static product pages and database driven pages to display products for sale. It has also had the regular site design integrated into AgoraCart for a seamless shopping experience.


This is just a few listing of sites we have worked with. Many more sites, that are not listed here, we have assited the webmasters with integrating their design or helped them learn about AgoraCart so they could integrate the shopping cart system with the current site they manage.

We are currently working with several other clients... as their sites or AgoraCart stores are completed they will be listed here in our portfolio.
To request a quote for integrating your site with AgoraCart or designing/webmastering your site, click on the appropriate link in the left navigation area.



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