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NiftyPay is owned and operated by K-Factor Technologies, Inc, and is an ISO and strategic partner of iTranasct. As of April 2009, the gateway backend & card processing is operated by iTransact.

Need to Make a Payment?
Use or handy Gateway Payment Page to keep your account/payments up to date.

Need TechSupport?
iTransact: submit ticket here: iTransact Support Center

Sales or Billing: (Please use the contact form for faster service)
Phone: 801-877-1432 10am - 5pm Mountain Mon-Fri (actual availability varies)
Skype: AgoraCart Mon -Sat (actual availability varies)

Account Setup or Closure: Use form below or fax application or request to: 801-618-3018

Note that on any billing, account status changes, new account setups, iTransact will refer you back to us.

Contact Us - by Form Email:

For Fastest Service, Please use this form to submit an email inquiry for new accounts, billing, reselling services, website issues, integration, new merchant accounts, gateway account closures:

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P.O. Box 50286
Provo, UT 84605

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